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4 Sure Ways to Tell Your Web Designer Is Ripping You Off

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If you’ve ever felt ripped off by a web designer, you probably were.

A recent client shared with us their bad experience with a website developer and it was very clear that the developer was out to take advantage of them from the onset but they didn’t suspect it until it was too late.  

Well, we empathised with them, and helped fix their website and it prompted us to warn other unsuspecting people who put their trust in a design company, when secretly, they’re being ripped off and taken advantage of. 

We wish we could say this doesn’t happen, but sadly, it does. The industry is not insured against scammers as lots of web developers tend to make a living from milking their clients off their business profit by overcharging them for services they don’t understand. This can be a very infuriating experience and we understand. 

Hopefully, this won’t happen to you because of the insight you will find in this article. But in case you’re wary, let’s expose to you 4 sure ways to tell if your web developer is ripping you off – or spot a bad website developer. 

  1. You don’t have access to your own website. 

Your website should be regarded as your online office and you should have complete control over who comes in (including trusted partners). But, if your designer makes themselves indispensable by demanding exclusive control of your assets, then, they are not someone you can trust.  

      2. They don’t explain their services. 

It’s true that it’s difficult to explain technical or niche-specific industry tools and techniques in plain language, but it is 100% doable and this would be a priority for every web designer who cares about the success of your business. Other than that, they are planning to rip you off. 

      3. They give you Analytics reports that are basically just massive chunks of unintelligible data. 

A good web designer knows how to translate technical data into a language you will understand. Since you’re the one making decisions, you deserve to know how they’re faring. But, if your web designer hands you a report full of jargon that makes no sense to you and refuses to explain them to you, then they are clearly ripping you off. 

      4. They offer to work without a contract. 

This is a Red flag! It also means that they can rip you off, completely ghost you, take your money, and bail with no legal recourse. Contracts firmly solidify which services you are paying for and what your expectations should be. That way, if someone doesn’t meet their end of the deal, or if any misunderstanding arises, communication is so much easier on both ends. It saves everyone time. 


Does any of the above sound familiar? It might be time to ask your web designer/design agency some serious questions, and if they aren’t answered satisfactorily, it’s about time you considered making a switch. 

If you don’t get the feeling that they care about investing in your business goals, news flash: they probably won’t be able to help you reach them. You deserve a web developer that understands your needs as a client and uses their skills to creatively make them happen for you. 

That being said, at Rage Media, we maintain a high level of transparency by carrying our clients along through the different stages of the web development process. Our team of professionals ensure that websites are properly optimised, highly functional and easy to use.  

We understand that your business’ success is on the line and you need a website that can generate leads and sales without feeling like you are being ripped off. Your best interest is not an afterthought because we have you in mind every step of the way. 

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