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Our business has one vicious enemy; your guess is as good as mine. Not making as many sales as you want – “saleslessness” is a blood-sucking villain that keeps you up at night wondering, “how in heaven’s gate am I going to put down this big nasty bully?

Well, keep your shirts on because the bigger they come, the harder they fall – only when you have people who have a knack for bringing down big bad bullies.

The truth is, you are not in business because you want to have a good time but to make money – and the more the merrier, lol.

The good news is, over the years, we have developed foolproof formulas and a collection of tools that can open your sales floodgates no matter your industry.

We’ve used these formulas to…

  • Increase flight bookings for an airline by 12% in 2 months… (in the midst of a PR crisis).
  • Generate over $500 million dollars in revenue for a real estate company… in 3 years.
  • Took a beauty and fragrance from $0 to $3 million in revenue… in 8 months.
  • Hit 100k downloads for a Fintech App and raised over $30 million in revenue.
  • Shot up the customer base of PFA by 17% in 1 year

And the list goes on and on… We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses from small businesses to million-dollar brands and our formulas have checked out every damn time!

What we are saying is you have come to the end of not making as much sales as you want and it’s time to Crack the floodgates open. Click to get Started!


O A Scaled

Since 2017, client after client, Rage Media Group has continuously grown brands and redefined businesses in more than 10 industries. Asides from being marketing rockstars we pride ourselves in having an insatiable drive to transform your brand through creativity and innovation while achieving excellence in our execution.

Our team consists of experts in Public Relations, Tech & Innovation, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Creative Storytelling, Visual communications, Marketing Strategy and Brand Management. We maintain a fluid working space and a work culture that stimulates creativity.

At Rage Media, we have partnered with clients in several industries driving growth and delivering creative business solutions in various sectors such as Real Estate, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Politics, FMCG, Mobile technology, Government and non-profits, Hospitality & Tourism, Blockchain Technology, Automobile, Beauty Cosmetics, Entertainment and Financial Services.

Through years of serving our clients, helping them rake in thousands of dollars in revenue, and helping them smash bigger goals, we have developed an acute understanding of challenges and the criticality of nurturing brand-to-consumer, brand-to-partner, and partner-to-consumer relationships. We explore this depth of knowledge to create relevant solutions for all our clients, even as we tell the world your brand’s story.

We are disrupting the creative industry in Nigeria through our unique work culture and divergent methods. According to the president of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, “the future of advertising in Nigeria belongs to us” but we are going beyond that to become Africa’s largest media group.

Now that you’ve learnt all about us…

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