How advertisers need to take tik tok seriously

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As the world is now evolving into the virtual space, social media is now becoming a pertinent medium to make brands and consumers engage. And one of the social media platforms that shape the online presence is— TIK TOK. It has a content central experience and allow videos to blow up so fast.

Every advertiser needs to understand TIK-TOK and how it can effectively make a brand goes viral because technology is now changing purchasing power. But coming with a creative video content helps a long way.

This is why TIK-TOK is changing how social media interact even though we try to avoid it. It focuses on millennials because this video-sharing platform (VSPs) is currently competing with television in the millennial demographic without any level of regulation; and it is genuinely fun to use.

So, this should be a new trend for developing campaign because it has a wider audience since its inception in 2018. Its business account would help a brand to reach out to its audience in an interactive way because it is an app to creating challenges and duets for users to engage with. Its videos are tall, not square, and not like Snapchat or Instagram. Someone can easily navigate through its videos by scrolling up and down and liking a video feed.

This year, marketing is sporadically going online and consumers go in that direction. And the only way for a brand to be relevant is to create intrinsic content that will captivate their preference. Using a TIK-TOK will change the brand’s perception because someone can easily jump on trends to advertise or create a hashtag that goes viral.

With this, the advertiser needs to understand that 60 seconds ads mean a lot and the creativity in such a video advertisement should be astounding to make consumers engage with the brand. Therefore, the advertiser just needs to know that (VSPs) is helpful to retain brand awareness and sales.

Although using TIK-TOK for a marketing campaign would be nice because it has tools to engage with consumers. Thus, the brand needs to be active with its account by following users who are its target audience and create a hashtag for the product. The video needs a compelling caption that will automatically serve as a thumbnail to the product for them to view.

In using a TIK-TOK, brands could gain their audience visibility because it helps the brands to disseminate their proposition within seconds. Such video doesn’t need to be boring that is why it requires 100 % creativity. The consumers’ relationship is necessary for (VSPs) because it should entertain. As an advertiser, you have to know how to participate in a challenge on TIK-TOK. This goes a long way in helping your brand to reach a heterogeneous audience.

Having said all this, as an advertiser, TIK-TOK needs authenticity in the content. For instance, you can create a brand’s meme with TIK-TOK, and build conversation because an average user spends 46 minutes a day on the app, totalling 37 billion views a month. This means every brand meets its audience if the video content is conversational and leveraging on a strong brand’s promise for the consumers.

However, what an advertiser needs to know about the app is that it helps with low budget video content; promoting influencing whereby the brand can share a storytelling video to users directly.

Lastly, TIK TOK could help a brand creates a voice because of its sound effect and this can serve as the brand’s slogan that will resonate with the consumer. Seriously, TIK-TOK would help brands because the consumers are jumping on it to kill boredom most especially during COVID-19.

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